The shortest history of Greece

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‘The Greeks’ extraordinary achievements laid the foundations for the world we experience today… Yet many of us continue to know little about Greek history. Heneage succeeds in rectifying that.” (Daily Mail ‘history book of the year’)

From Pericles and the Parthenon to the triumphs and catastrophes of the modern nation, Heneage charts the odyssey of the Greeks through more than three tumultuous millennia. As he does so, he shows why the history of Europe’s oldest civilisation is still vitally relevant today. (From the publisher)

“From Alpha to Omega, and from Socrates to Syriza, here is all of Greek history, expertly told, and at a pace that would have done credit to Pheidippides.” (TOM HOLLAND, author of Dominion)
“Beautifully written, full of apposite analogies, and taking a long historical perspective… Excellent.” (PAUL CARTLEDGE, author of Democracy: A Life)
“A model of how to make the broad outlines of history accessible and digestible” (BRUCE CLARK, author of Athens: City of Wisdom)

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